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3rd Kill Socks Wars III 2008

I did it, I sent out my finished Sock Wars III socks, to my 3rd target. She happily accepted her death on the 25th. I inherited these SIPs from Ruth, she choose the nicest yarn from Ewetopia Fiber, so soft and I love the color. Ruth had 1 sock done, and the ribbing portion of the cuff done. I followed Ruth's very helpful notes, even downsizing my needle size to 1, and, guess what, I ended up with Ruth's sock, perfect, and my sock, small. I had to frog back to the ribbing and start over with a larger size need, US2 Addi Turbos & voila, the 2nd sock completed, and they make a nice pair! What a lesson in gauge and the differences in knitting tension!

I'm so happy, I got 3 kills! The new Supreme Commander, *Casual Knitter*, is searching for my next SIPs, seems they've gone MIA.

So for now I'm just a sitting duck with no SIPs to work on.. I really hope I can get in another kill before my assassin wakes from her sleep & wipes me out. It was so scary, I received a message from her the other day, letting me know she hasn't forgot about me, YIKES!


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