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A Little Karma

Got some pics of my latest project on the needles, which is both of the following:

--Stashbusting! Going thru my Sundara Yarn "Brown Sugar Over Buttermilk"
--Summer Knit! Gotta show off my knitting skills this summer

So far the pattern has been real easy, and am I'm able to knit this while completely engrossed in the NBA Finals with the Lakers vs. Magic. Go Lakers!!! Their up 2 on the series!

Pics in this post are from last week, which was in the real beginning stages.

Karma Tank knit with Sundara Brown Sugar Over Buttermilk

Karma Tank knit with Sundara Brown Sugar Over Buttermilk

See my "Edward Apple" stitch marker? I love that stitch marker, a gift from one my fave spoilers 8)

Oh, and look what happened with my Sundara yarn cake for Karma...

Karma Tank knit with Sundara Brown Sugar Over Buttermilk

Do you see how it's "coning" out? That's from my daughter's cat, the little rascal Gracie, who found my Karma tank on my bed and decided to attack the yarn cake. My daughter caught her in time to stop further damage. I was a bit upset because I had to detangle alot of yarn and save it so that it wouldn't have to be cut.

I'm starting on the 10th round repeat now of the German Herringbone Rib portion of the pattern; I've officially put the needles down for tonight, need my rest for another round of work for the next week. Too bad work is never a true FO! There's always another round around the corner.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!


Reader Comments (2)

Nice lace you've got going on there:) Love that color... and well its Sundara what can I say:)

June 8, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMarisol

Love that color! For some reason, I am currently obsessed with golden yellow sock yarn, which is very, very uncharacteristic. But I can't stop buying it up when I see it. What's going on???

June 10, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterBatty

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