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Over the past week I received my first Reducio Swap #9 package! It's the cutest thing, all things mini!
My spoiler was Madrigal a.k.a. Isisonearth on Ravelry.

Reducio package from Madrigal

Everything in the package is great, I really love everything Madrigal put together. Just look at this Unity Turtle! My new familiar 8-)

Reducio Unity Turtle from Madrigal

I really enjoyed this "mini" swap, I look forward to joining it next round. My OWL was sent off early morning on Saturday, I can't wait for my Reducio spoilee to get her package!

Onto some "on the needles" news, I'm doing a test knit for Woolgirl, and received this luscious Yowza skein in Mis Babbs yarn to knit with. I'm knitting Balsam, a cowl.

Miss Babs Yowza - Monochrome for Balsam project for Woolgirl

Miss Babs Yowza - Monochrome for Balsam project for Woolgirl

I'm about 85% done with the cowl, it's a long cowl pattern. I'll share pics with it probably on Tuesday of this week. I plan to send this one off early this week. Such lovely yarn and you get 560 yds. in one skein! 2 skeins can make you a nice sweater or cardigan! You can't beat those savings!

What else is going on? Well, I'm interviewing at my job, need to find a replacement for my co-worker, who is off to start a new marriage in San Diego, so that's been interesting. Besides knitting the Balsam, I've also been putting together my package for my HLBOES spoilee too, which is due by end of March. There is one sort of mega item I need to make, but the pattern is taking forever to come, I'm really hoping it comes this week. I want to make this package extra special. I have lots of HPKCC homework to do, so there will be some crazy knitting/crocheting this week, ooh, and of course my OWL project, and then trying to get HLBOES stuff done too! I was going to compete in the Ravelympics, but I didn't keep on top of things so I never really got anything together. Oh well, next time 8( I'll be posting midweek with some new projects and news 8-)

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