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Bye November

November turned out to be a busy month for me and before I knew it Thanksgiving was here.   I know that I received 2 great packages, from a wonderful swap spoiler, Palehouse on Ravelry, and from a close friend, Marisol.

Palehouse sent me my swappy package from the Love Bites swap, a vampy themed swap.  She gave me the coolest vamp package.

Check out these goodies I received!

First the packaging, this is what I found when I opened the USPS box..

Love Bites 2011 - Package from Palehouse Love Bites 2011 - Package from Palehouse

It's you standard photo storage box, but an awesome one.  With bats and a glow in the dark moon, and some cool ribbon with a steel key.  I was totally geeking out over the packaging, its the simple things that I love.

Love Bites 2011 - Package from Palehouse

Such great gifts and beautiful yarn!  I still haven't decided what to do with the yarn, but I'm excited for when I find a pattern.

Oh, and on the outside of the wrapped Witching Hour book by Anne Rice is this totally cute black Raven!

Love Bites 2011 - Package from Palehouse

Such a great package, loved it.  Thank you again to Palehouse 8)

My second package received, such a surprise, from Marisol.  A belated birthday present, she really knows how to spoil me and knows my tastes, well our tastes are the same, makes it even better!

Gifts from Marisol 2011 

Gifts from Marisol 2011 Gifts from Marisol 2011

I got the cutest mini lace sock kit with beads! Sheepy gift card, Decorative box with a pretty purple pendant necklace (worn this a few times already), Sheep bookmark (I'm a reader!), Fragrant soap (smells so good), black clutch purse (totally cute), Sock Summit WIP bag, Sock Summit post its, Beautifully hand-spun, hand-knit cowl by Marisol (100% BFL!), Bronze shawl pin, Socks that Rock Rare Gems.  Everything is awesome!  Absolutely loved all the gifts.  Truly thankful to Marisol 8)

I've had limited knitting during November, have some FOs to block and will share later this week.  I've also finally finalized my new free hat pattern to post later this week.  I'm also a wee bit bummed, just a teeny bit, my pattern submission to Knitty obviously didn't make it because I never heard from them, although they do say on their submissions FAQ that if your pattern didn't make the cut you'd get a Dear John letter, but I never received anything.  Don't know if its worse that I didn't receive anything or not, but oh well!  I shall keep on trying 8)

Onto December...



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