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Give me a HY a VKT!

Yes! It's Friday!

I said "burr it's cold in here, there must be some HITHER in the atmosphere"!

I said "HY"!

Hello Yarn Fiber - April Hither

That lyric is from the movie Bring It On, well the Hither is Toros in the real version.

This is the lovely latest installment of Hello Yarn fiber club.

All right "she'll wear you out livin la VITA loca come on"!

Vita yarn

That lyric, you should know it, is from the pop sensation song "Livin La Vida Loca".

Just bought all this Vita yarn needed for my VITA Cardi, and yes it's progressing!

And now "this is a KNITSCENE, its a god damn arms race"!

Knitscene Summer 2011 issue Knitscene Summer 2011 issue

That lyric is from one of my favorite songs from Fall Out Boy, original lyrics are "this ain't a scene, its a god damn arms race".

Pictures are from the latest Knitscene for Summer 2011, two pics of patterns I love in it.   Definitely a good issue to have.


"Here we go again, I kind of wanna be more than friends"

Trekking Kal - Cranked (April) Clue 1/2

These last lyrics are from my current favorite song, that I love to hear, "Animal" by Neon Trees.  I love the lyrics of the song and the beat is so uplifting.  I know they don't go along with picture, but I couldn't resist using it.   The picture is both the Clue 1/2 of the current "Cranked" Trekking Kal socks for April.

Happy Friday!


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