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What's in a year? 2011...

What's in a year?  For me, as a knitter, I always feel like I haven't done enough knitting, not enough projects, or techniques, etc., but then I have to remind myself, that its a hobby, and I work full time, and sometimes more than full time with other jobs, and then, oh yah, life.  So I'm not as dissappointed when I see what I've accomplished. 

If I factor in actual knitting hours per week, I'd say I get probably 10 hours at best combined, and at least 5 hours.  That's not all at once, it's an hour here, 30 minutes in the car (not driving), etc.  I also try to take it easy on my hands and wrists too, so I do tend to limit my knitting at times, more say lately since I injured my wrists months ago working out. 8( 

So, without further adieu, here's pictures of my 2011 Knitting Year.  I'm missing at least 5 - 10 projects that never made it to a photo shoot.