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A classic beanie with an edge

Though it's definitely been some time since my last post, I in no way have lost my passion for knitting.  I've continued to knit and design all these months.  Albeit at a slower pace due to my time and other activities taking precedence.  

For quite some time now my Father has always given me a hard time that I've never knit him anything.  Well I finally decided to knit him something special.   I knitted a simple class beanie in black but I made this beanie special.  Gave it some edginess with a hand-sewn Harley Davidson emblem above the brim.   My Father has been a biker for as long as I've been and longer.  So many memories I have as a child growing up around the biking world.  Harley Davidson being staple in that world goes without saying. 

I, obviously, developed a love of bikes and the aesthetics that make biking known, like Harley Davidson.  When I went searching for an emblem to sew on, I felt I should go with not the typical Harley Davidson logo and opted for wings.  Wings to me symbolized, freedom, spirit, edginess, long runs, a unique soul. 

The emblem turned out perfect, just as I had envisioned.  It turned out to be pretty easy hand sewing the emblem on the beanie than I first thought, and once I got going on it, didn't take me long to finish. 

This is a surprise gift to my Father, not for any event, just for being my Father.






Pattern: Custom knit - no pattern used
Yarn: Plymouth Worsted Merino Green Planet Yarn LYS.
Started: Unknown
Finished: 10/13/13