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So it begins

In the spirit of "Small Business Saturday", I mosied on down with my Mother to Green Planet Yarn to score some yarn for the annual "Black Sale". 

The haul was all my Mother, she got 20% off the entire purchase and got a great deal on some 100% Trauco Cashmere at 55% off.  It's such a lovely yarn, in the picture it's the 5 skeins at the bottom, in purple and wine.   From right side top, we have Ultra Pima Cotton in a gorgeous Colbalt blue, Mountain Colors sock yarn in pretty varigated purples and brown hues, Cotton Supreme in a very passionate purple, Malabrigo Rasta in gorgeous purple, gold, blacks, and lastly the 5 skeins of Trauco Cashmere in purple and wine.

Xmas Knitting

So it begins, the gift knitting, I know its a late start but I always like challenges.  I'll end up with 5 long Moebius cowls and a pair of gloves and then something more.  The more is a few skeins have undecided fates, but that shall change soon. I'm actually making these items for gifts for my Mother to give, so I'm giving the gift of knitting. 8)  Although thats not considering I get to pet, squish, and knit with the yarn, always nice.

Here's one of the cowls already on the needles.

Xmas Knitting

I better get going now, have alot of busy things to do, including knitting. 




And I'm off!

The De La Hoya vs. Pacquaio boxing get together party Saturday went great. We BBQ some marinated carne asada and chicken, I made a fresh macaroni salad. For orderbs we served Garlic & Cheese Toast with fresh Spinach Dip, BBQ Hot wings and Chips & Salsa. For desert, I whipped out my secret weapon.

Cranberry-Pumpkin bread

I made some Cranberry-Pumpkin bread that I make every year around this time, it's delish!

Cranberry-Pumpkin bread

It's a combination of fresh cranberries and pumpkin puree with seasonal spices. I know the recipe by hard and right smack in the middle of it, I realized I was missing my key ingredients, FUDGERS! Well, not wanting to waste more time, I decided to improvise and make my own combo of spices, and boy, what a great thing that was, my bread came out better than it's ever tasted. So good in fact, I'll stick with my new combo of spices and will no longer make the original recipe. My bread was a complete hit and before I could snap any fresh out of the oven baked pictures, it was almost all gone! Here are a few left over morsels...

Cranberry-Pumpkin Bread

I'll be making more later this week because I still have 1 bag of fresh cranberries left. I shared the original recipe click here if your interested 8-)

Our get together was fun and relaxing, but the event we all gathered to watch, De La Hoya vs. Pacquiao turned out to be horrible. I was hoping that De La Hoya would pull it off, but he did such a horrible job, in fact he didn't even fight? Pacquiao had such an easy job to do and win when all De La Hoya did was just stand there and get hit. I never saw De La Hoya do this before, it was so upsetting. He may just be done with boxing as a fighter, but as a presence and force in the sport, he'll be around forever.

Friday evening before the party, I finished off the last 3 Traveling Scarves I had, which I had one from each group.

Here is Purpleturtle's scarf from Group 25 SO, I added the top brown section using Lamb's Pride Wool, I strung 2 ends of the yarn together to get the right gauge for the section. I went with a Box Stitch.

Traveling Scarves Group 25 SO "Purpleturtle's" Scarf

A full shot of the scarf

Traveling Scarves Group 25 SO "Purpleturtle's" Scarf

Here is Mspalmtree's scarf from Group 37 Noro. My section at the top, using Noro Silk Garden in 245 & 279 knit with the Box Stitch.

Traveling Scarves Group 37 "Mspalmtree's" scarf

A full view of the scarf

Traveling Scarves Group 37 "Mspalmtree's" scarf

Finally here is Adore1's scarf from Group 42 Tweeds. I added a Mock Cable stitch using O'Wool 100% Organic Brown Tweed yarn.

Traveling Scarves Group 42 Tweeds "Adore1" scarf

And I'm off finally knitting my Christmas gifts, starting with my husband's beanie that I've been improvising the design on. It's nothing fancy and nothing cutting edge, a Cable beanie.

Che's Beanie

I'm slow at cables, it's annoying, and I can get slower if I let the cables annoy me. I need to get this done by Tuesday, if I can without wanting to kill the cable needle.

Last, I'll leave you with a snugly picture of my doggy sleeping by our Christmas tree, she looked to precious to not take a picture!

Rosie sleeping by the Xmas tree 12/7/08