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More Dye Class to share...

Well, there was so much to Scout's Dye Class that I couldn't fit in just one post. I've put together a collage of photos from class. I unfortunately didn't get any pics from the first day because *just my luck*, my camera's batteries clunked out..but I was well armed for the 2nd day. What your seeing are pics of Scout giving us instructions and method tips on how to dye a skein of yarn. She talked about bleeding, segmenting colors, thinking about color combos, and what we all should know from childhood, what happens when you mix 1 color with another. Sometimes you get a pretty color or sometimes you get a color you didn't want. Although the dyeing process is relatively easy, at least this method, the hard part is creating your own personal style with colorways. This is where Scout's magic comes into play. She has a great eye for colors and combos, really why she is great.