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A Couple Things

I picked up my hibernating February Baby Sweater the other day and finally bound it off.  I had originally started it last year intending to give it as a present to a close family friend-relative.  I say relative because they've been apart of our family for years now.  Back last year, I was pretty much done with the baby sweater, I had about 1 inch of garter stitch knitting left and then that was it, but I got distracted with some other project and it hibernated.

Alas, another baby came into the picture for our friends, so I checked on sweater and it's a match.  I finished the last of it, bound off, and blocked it!  Now it's so pretty, and yet, I never bought buttons for it?  Something tells me I did, but I've looked everywhere, and I can't find them.  So, I'll be button hunting sometime this week.  Here's a quick pick of the sweater, all nicely blocked waiting for buttons.

February Baby Sweater

Ooh, and I have a partial pick of super secret pattern I've knit.  That's all I can say about it.  It's gorgeous, love the color combos.  I'll do a full share when I get the go ahead to share. 

For now all you get is a sneak peek.

Secret Pattern

Happy Wednesday!