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Treasures to love

My adventures in the "Knitters Treasure" Swap are now at end. It's been quite fun having Marisol as my swap pal. I thought because I already knew her, having her as a swap pal would be easy, but it turned out to be much different. Marisol has a crazy stash (I've seen it!), she could literally open a yarn store from her house, the choices are broad, the colors are so gorgeous! She arms herself with all the right accessories, notions, etc. So in actuality, it was harder for me to get her things because "What do you get the Yarnaholic who has everything??", well I ended up putting together a package I would really love to get myself. She will hopefully get it today, if not the latest tomorrow, or else I'll be going postal at my local USPS office (just a metaphor, nothing serious)...hee hee

Besides my package to her, I received her package to me Saturday, it's just FIBERLICIOUS! She knows about my recent interest in spinning, and really catered to it. I got some very pretty fiber, see that pretty red, white, burgundy, and orange huge ball of wool on the left? I can't wait to spin this, I bet it will turn out real nice. I also got a very pretty drop spindle with glass rims, too bad I was tired when I took this picture, cause I totally cut it off, I'll have to take more pics tonight so you can see how pretty the glass rims are. In my package I had 3 balls of some luscious red lace, 2 more balls of wooly fiber goodness, and some ultra soft green & white cashmere! A bunch of other goodies, sheep magnets (I LOVE MAGNETS), a sheepy tape measure, pretty glass stitch markers, and a WIP tool, plus a keychain needle sizer..... and what don't you see here??? Are the bars of chocolate that came with my goodie package, but unfortunately never made it to a photo cause they were quickly gobbled up by the chocolate hoards at my house. Last but not least, a very pretty knitted flower, it will go great as an embellishment to a future project.

Marisol, I can't say thank you enough for this wonderful package!

Besides my goodie Knitter's Treasure package, I also was able to really make progress on my "Mini-Fiber Studio" this weekend. It is another treasure to me, and soon it will be completely setup for anything, spinning, dyeing, computer work, knitting, sewing, you name it.

Here are few pics of it:

Mini-Fiber Studio

Mini-Fiber Studio

Mini-Fiber Studio

We put in a large shelf, I'm now able to have all my books, patterns, magazines organized. I even took time to go through my entire stash, and organize it, seal it, and keep it safe from critters and such. There is so much more for me to do, I just need to find the time, but it is coming along rather nicely. I have a ton of magazines I still need to put up, more decor, more yarn to organize, but it's a great start.

Plus I got my 2 balls of Noro I ordered for my Traveling Scarves Group 37 Noro Knit & Crochet group, the colors really are much prettier in person. Now to decide which one to start my piece with???

Noro Yarn

I'm thinking the one on the top? I'll have to order me more of this lovely yarn, may favorite NORO colors.

Happy Monday Everyone!



Adding to my Arsenal

Well folks, I'm adding to my arsenal, 2 NECESSITIES for any yarnaholic, like myself *-) I've been wanting to make these purchases for quite sometime now, and what drove me to actually making the buy? Well the last straw came this weekend when I bought Scout's newest Swag in Peach Pit, and of course it came in a beautiful braid/skein, and I loved the color so much that I started to knit the Elm Row pattern I just purchased from Knitspot.
Anyways, since I don't have a winder, I decided to manually wind the yarn into a ball, I wrapped the skein around a chair, and started winding. I was ok for a minute (I've done this before with no issues), and suddenly started running into all sorts of problems. Well several pain staking hours later, there I was caught in tangle after tangle after tangle, ruining my new precious Peach Pit yarn. I was able to carefully get rid of a majority of the tangled mess without ruining the yarn, and by the time I was ready for my next class, I was down to a small amount of tangles. By this time I was tired of dealing with it, and made the decisive decision to cut the thread, although reluctantly.

So, after this disaster, I've made the purchase, and will be getting these 2 new treasures to add to my arsenal in my "Mini-Fiber Studio" I'm putting together.

I'll be getting in about 5-10 days, this large Umbrella Swift

And also this Plastic Ball Winder

I can't wait for these to arrive! I'll be ready for any skein that comes my way! When I think of all the yarn cakes I can make with these 2 tools, ahh.. I'm in heaven! I did do some searching on pricing, and found that VillageSpinWeave had the best deal, offering the Umbrella Swift & Plastic Ball Winder as a bundle, great pricing!

I know I sound crazy, but if you've ever had precious yarn in a tangled mess, you feel my pain.