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It's a Mystery!

For a while now my knitting time has been limited; I've only be able to get in a few rows here, a few rows there, and sometimes even just getting my project together is as far as I get.

I'm still working Geschenk, its coming along nicely, I've got about 3 repeats done of the 3rd chart.  I'll share that soon. 

While browsing through my FB Feeds, I came across a new project, a Mystery at that!  It's so hard for me to avoid a good mystery knit.  This was inspired by Marisol's FB post, thus I headed down to the yarn store on none other than Small Business Saturday!  While I didn't need yarn to buy for this project, I felt the compulsion to buy new yarn.  It literally had been many many months prior to that since my last yarn purchase, amazing, but true!

I picked up these lovelies, Malabrigo Rasta in Soriano.

Malabrigo Rasta - Soriano

I absolutely love the Rasta from Malabrigo, so soft and such gorgeous colors. 

The Mystery cowl knits up fast, I finished the 1st clue Sunday!

Mystery KAL - Sartorial Cowl by Star Athena Clue 1

I finished the 2nd clue yesterday evening, no pics yet, but tonight I'll start the last clue.  It'll be any day now that I'll be sharing a fabolous new FO!  BTW, this Mystery Cowl KAL is hosted by Star Athena, who has such lovely patterns!

I love a fast knit, it's great to regain your knitting rhythm. 

Enjoy the remainder of your week!