What's on my needles?

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Quick Post

Just stopping in to post a few things...I always have more to post, just need to find the time.

I have long days that start very early and end late.  I should be sleeping right now, but I'm compelled to post.  Never want to go too long without posting. 

Here's whats ON and OFF the needles.

Quick Flower hair pin knit with Anzula squishy sock yarn

flower hair pin

Mixt Cowl blocking

Mixt Cowl

What's coming soon to the needles

  • Owls
  • Acorns
  • 2 additional Mixt Cowls
  • Knucks gloves
  • Much more...

What's blocking and waiting for a photo shoot

  • Bulky Shrug
  • Vita Cardi
  • Balloon Monkey
  • Traveling scarf
  • Cerasifera shawl
  • Malabrigo scarf
  • February Baby sweater
  • Mystere sweater
  • Elm Row scarf

What's on the needles

  • 2nd Mixt Cowl
  • Rock Island
    Rock Island Shawl
  • Kiwi scarf
    Kiwi Lace Scarf
  • Cranked socks
    Trekking Kal - Cranked (April) Clue 1/2
  • Homin shawl
    Homin shawl in Ella Rae
  • Cotton Candy Hearts blanket
    Cotton Candy Lace Hearts blanket
  • And many others....

In other craftiness, I made a new Christmas Wreath to hang on my door.

xmas wreath 2011

I like it, but I think the flowers are too big.  Oh well, it'll do.

Til next post -R