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The past of 2010 and the future of 2011

What's in a ryear?  I always have aspirations to knit this gorgeous sweater, hat, cowl, shawl, toy, you name it, same with crochet, same with spinning, same with everything.  But do we ever get to truly knit or create all that we covet?  Sadly, no, and if you say yes, than more power to you for being blessed with the time to get it all done, and not to mention the monetary affluence that implies as well!  

The love of knitting and the entire world that it comes with from the tools of the trade, to accessories, buttons, inserts, zippers, beads, needles, oh the needles!  Not to mention for those of us "yarn snobs" and yes, I'll openly say, "My name is Raquel and I'm a Yarn Snob!", I have no shame in this, well accept when I participate in groups where there aren't yarn snobs, then I feel like a pain in the a-hole for being such a picky.  Us yarn snobs know how to spend a pretty penny on yarn we lust after, and geez, there are so many gorgeous squishy yarns out there.   I'm really loving all the new yarn lines coming out, the drive to turn the love of fiber into a sustainable green friendly product without sacrificing the quality.  I've seen some pretty damn gorgeous yarns, extremely versatile and excellent to knit up and hold the stitch definition and pattern. 

Not to go off into a tangent, I look back on my year of fiber love and realize that I was all over the map with the types of projects I ventured into, but at the same time, I enjoyed and love that it allowed me to expand my knitting repertoire.  The one area that I didn't continue to harness and grow was in the area of designing.  Thus far I've produced 2 patterns, both some patterns, sort what I call seedlet patterns. 

Designing is really the one area I really want to progress in, so with that in mind, I anticipate this year will be extremely exciting, vigorous, and open to some great experiences. 

With that, I'll leave you with my past of 2010:


Quick recap of projects (not all pictured):

Toys or Cute Items:16



Shawls: 1




Gloves: 4

Bags: 2



Sewing projects: 2


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