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Zitron Trekking KAL Clue 2

Clue 2 released last Saturday, 1/8, I started one repeat on 1/9.

Knitting time over the last few days has been minimal, sometimes it seems like no matter how hard I try to get knitting time, something interrupts!

Clue 2 was pretty easy, basic edging eyelet lace columns, similar to Feather andFan, and then the inside columns are the Axis Cables, which are really the same as a cable but you actually cable the stitches that are hanging on the cable needle. 

I did mines without a cable needle, the less needles I can knit without the happier I am.  The first row doing the cables was the learning curve, just getting my method down doing the axis cable. 

I finished clue 2 earlier today, seemed like I was fighting just to get time to work on the socks.  Here they are all ready and waiting for clue 3!

Trekking KAL Clue 2 Trekking KAL Clue 2


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