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New Moon

I've been pretty active lately working on basic designs to really try and focus on designing.  I've started with simple designs, quick knits, that visually have a stylish impact.

I designed this new one "New Moon", specifically to be a choker style necklace.  I've never been one to wear accessories but lately I've been wearing them more and more.  I've also been on a streak, using up my stash yarn to create these too. 

New Moon Choker

New Moon Choker New Moon Choker

Using my stash yarn has been working out great, it's amazing how nice the designs have been knitting up.  This piece is knit in one piece, and I tried a bit of a twist on a known knitting method to create it.  I'm extremely satisfied with how this came out and am eager to create another one.  It literally takes a few hours from start to finish.  I have a few other variations to the design in mind, so I'm pretty excited to make another one.  I'm going to write up the pattern for this item and will post with the info soon if your interested in making one yourself. 

The name for it, was obvious, it really reminds me of the New Moon movie from the Twilight series, and if anyone knows me, you know I'm a major Twilight fan.  This now makes me want to design one for each other movie.

I also started another Traveling Scarf group, this theme is "Speedy"!  So I shall see my scarf back real soon.  I went with a different type of scarf, or rather a Moebius Scarf/Cowl.  I'm a bit nervous with how this will turn out but I'm going to take a gamble and send it off in the hopes that it will return and be awesome. 

TS#201 Speedy Group - Seedlet for RockyMoreno - Moeboius/Cowl

It doesn't look like much now, but I'm sure it'll look nice in the end.  Unit next post, enjoy the short work week!



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