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New Pattern "Virgie's Fern"

The last 2012 Winter'ish pattern to release, still some days out there to enjoy wearing this, or to wear in the next Winter season.

This is "Virgie's Fern", a slouch hat, quick knit, using Bulky weight yarn.  The lace pattern repeat, is easy to remember and get into a rhythm.

Virgie's Slouch

Side View

Virgie's Slouch

Crown View

Virgie's Slouch

This is available at my pattern store at Ravelry or Craftsy.

I plan to have another pattern in the next month, the next one is a blouse, and I'm super excited about it! 

I hope you take a look at the new pattern!



Another Level

Over that past few months, I've been split between my love for knitting and my other love, designing. 

Now I know everyone can be a designer and easily publish a pattern, give it free or sell it, designer's choice, and that's one of the things I love about the knitting world.  Some do it casually, some do it as they have inspiration, some do it  full time.

This world is what you make of it, and the passion I have for knitting has been constantly evolving over the years.  I've published a few patterns thus far, but I've been really focusing on putting the bulk of my time toward's designing.  I have a number of patterns in queue for design, one of which is a new Spring/Summer blouse.   The whole process is alot of research, alot of decisions, etc.  I've made great headway over the past week, and now am finally going to cast on the first prototype.   I still have WIPs sitting, waiting to be finished, and I want to finish them, but at the same time I'm torn because I need to continue work on my designs.  So it's been a delicate balance, but its working for now.  I do have one pattern done, waiting to release, but I need to take another photoshoot, so that's been holding it up, I'm determined to get this one out this week, so stay tuned. 

I'll share my swatch for the Spring/Summer top I'm working on.  This will be primarily the border for blouse.

Alice swatch

The pattern is simple, no fancy tricks, easily memorable, and fast.   I'll share my progress as I go, and some other FOs this week as well.


FOs Revisited

Over the past week I've been cleaning up a few items and revisited my former released pattern "Aztec" hat.

It was so funny because I actually lost the original file I had for this pattern and wound up going to Ravelry and downloading the pattern.  I printed it out and reviewed it, realizing that I wasn't at all satisfied.  I wasn't satisified with the pattern publishing or the crown decreases.

So I followed my pattern instructions step-by-step, pulled out my red pencil, and cast on.  I re-knitted my FO and also changed the crown decreases so the pattern flows nicely into the crown shaping.

I updated the pattern via the Ravelry store and also added it as a new pattern to Crafsty too.  This pattern is free and it is a rather fast knit, even more so if you can knit cables w/out a cable needle.  I thank myself each time I do a cable project that I learned that trick many years ago. 


Aside from the crown decreases I also changed the pattern publishing to make it more formal, space saving, and columned.  I also added a new logo.


Goin through some of my FOs I found the lovely February Baby Sweater that I had knit so long ago for Lil' Nenille, and sadly never finished it, then came Isabella, and I took too long to give this to her, so I ended up with a lovely knit sweater but nobody for it to fit.  Then came Emma, and yes!  It fitted her just right with room to grow.

She was so sweet to model for me. 


Now onto finishing up edits on another pattern, and then to swatch for a new one, very excited about this one.  Can't wait to start sharing some of these new patterns.

Enjoy your Monday!



Published new free pattern "Loopsi" on Ravelry and Craftsy.  

Visit my Ravelry pattern store "Rockinknit"

Visit my Craftsy pattern store "Rockinknit".

This is a super fast knit, great to use stash yarn or scraps left over from project.  I always finish project and usually have left overs of beautiful yarn. 

I used Malabrigo Rios for this Loopis necklace. 





Can I listen to music and Knit?

That is a YES, but I don't listen to music while I knit much.  I primarily watch TV or sometimes I just zone out in my own world and knit on.  When I do listen to music, these days I'm listening to Neon Planet, Plain White T's, and One Republic.

This is my most recent creation, I'm calling it "Chunky Slouch", because I just can't think of another name for it.   I'll be making another this weekend to make sure I document the pattern correctly and then I'll make it available on Ravelry, free!

Chunky Slouch

Chunky Slouch

It's truly a quick knit, you can make this baby in less than a day.  Right now, during these holiday times, anything nice you can make that fast is a good thing. 

Now I'm onto looking for 2 quick knit items to make for presents for a birthday party next weekend.  Not an easy task, but I'll prevail!  I must!

Until tomorrow.. 8)