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12 in 2012

All the rage in the fiber universe is making 12 items in 2012.  So, my fun and competitve spirit has decided to jump on board the madness, oh and fun too!

I'll be doing 12 pairs of socks, 12 shawls, 12 sweaters, and 12 hats, and possibly throw in any other 12 crafting things I can think of, because it's fun to challenge myself, fun to create, and just darn crazy!

Here's my first pair of socks, this is 1 of 12, all done.  Love them.

Through The Loops Mystery Sock KAL 2012

Pattern is from the Through The Loops, Mystery Sock KAL 2012, no name yet, but soon there will be.  I've submitted my choices for the name of these socks, will see if I win!  These were knit up in 4 Clues, each released during each week of January.  Now I'll have to choose my next pair to knit.

For my 12 of hats of 2012, 1 of 12 is Piece Out.

Peace Out Hat

For the 12 shawls, this is 1 of 12, still in progress, it is a Mystery KAL, I'm awaiting the next Clue 5.

SusannaIC - January Mysterday shawl Clue 4

For the 12 sweaters, this is 1 of 12, still in progress, almost done!

Mystere in Cash Vero

And I'm thinking about 12 Crochet projects possibly, if I do, than this would be 1 of 12.  I'm working on my building my crochet skills.  

Fortune Cookie

My fortune has been written, good luck shall come to me this year, though I guess I did cheat and make my fortune come true, but hey, us "go getters" must always make our own luck 8) 

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