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FOs Revisited

Over the past week I've been cleaning up a few items and revisited my former released pattern "Aztec" hat.

It was so funny because I actually lost the original file I had for this pattern and wound up going to Ravelry and downloading the pattern.  I printed it out and reviewed it, realizing that I wasn't at all satisfied.  I wasn't satisified with the pattern publishing or the crown decreases.

So I followed my pattern instructions step-by-step, pulled out my red pencil, and cast on.  I re-knitted my FO and also changed the crown decreases so the pattern flows nicely into the crown shaping.

I updated the pattern via the Ravelry store and also added it as a new pattern to Crafsty too.  This pattern is free and it is a rather fast knit, even more so if you can knit cables w/out a cable needle.  I thank myself each time I do a cable project that I learned that trick many years ago. 


Aside from the crown decreases I also changed the pattern publishing to make it more formal, space saving, and columned.  I also added a new logo.


Goin through some of my FOs I found the lovely February Baby Sweater that I had knit so long ago for Lil' Nenille, and sadly never finished it, then came Isabella, and I took too long to give this to her, so I ended up with a lovely knit sweater but nobody for it to fit.  Then came Emma, and yes!  It fitted her just right with room to grow.

She was so sweet to model for me. 


Now onto finishing up edits on another pattern, and then to swatch for a new one, very excited about this one.  Can't wait to start sharing some of these new patterns.

Enjoy your Monday!

Reader Comments (2)

Emma is super sweet! Your February Baby Sweater came out beautiful and such a lovely color too.

March 16, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDianne

Thank you! In truth very sweater to knit, I absolutely love the Anzula Squishy yarn used for it.

March 21, 2012 | Registered CommenterRocky

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