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3rd Kill Socks Wars III 2008

I did it, I sent out my finished Sock Wars III socks, to my 3rd target. She happily accepted her death on the 25th. I inherited these SIPs from Ruth, she choose the nicest yarn from Ewetopia Fiber, so soft and I love the color. Ruth had 1 sock done, and the ribbing portion of the cuff done. I followed Ruth's very helpful notes, even downsizing my needle size to 1, and, guess what, I ended up with Ruth's sock, perfect, and my sock, small. I had to frog back to the ribbing and start over with a larger size need, US2 Addi Turbos & voila, the 2nd sock completed, and they make a nice pair! What a lesson in gauge and the differences in knitting tension!

I'm so happy, I got 3 kills! The new Supreme Commander, *Casual Knitter*, is searching for my next SIPs, seems they've gone MIA.

So for now I'm just a sitting duck with no SIPs to work on.. I really hope I can get in another kill before my assassin wakes from her sleep & wipes me out. It was so scary, I received a message from her the other day, letting me know she hasn't forgot about me, YIKES!



To kill & get killed, oh my!

Well, I buckled down recently, juggling the Sock Wars III & Death By Socks groups I'm in.

I successfully sent out my postcard to the Supreme Commander at Sock Wars, and successfully killed my first target in Death By Socks.

But my assassin has quickly come to my death as well, as my killer socks have arrived, and are beautiful!

This orange beauties killed my target.. you'll see shortly how I went to my death!



My first WWKIP day!

DBS4 Socks

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On 6/14/08, I took *Knitted In Public* on the day of "Worldwide Knitting in Public Day".

What am I knitting? I was knitting 2 socks at a time for my target in Death Bay Socks using Claudia hand-painted fingering sock yarn in Sherbert. I love this yarn, very soft.

It was my daughter's birthday, and we took her to the beach to have some fun.

Joining in on the fun, was my husband, "C", my son "Pops", my daughter & birthday girl "LBug", my brother-in-law "Cheeks", his better half "Alijabra", my cousin "Neutron Boy", and last but not least Cheeks & Alijabra little cutie "Whitegirl". We headed out early, got there about 10 a.m., it was really cold at Seabright beach in Santa Cruz, but turned out nicely towards the afternoon.

I got to finish my socks too! Happy Birthday LBug!


My 1st Kitchen Knits Swap

Kitchen Knits Swap

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Today I sent off my package to Isela, the lovely lady behind Purling Sprite.

I participated in the Kitchen Knits Swap, hosted by my good friend, Marisol. When I read on her blog that she was going to start a swap themed around Cooking & Knitting, I knew I was in!

I love to cook, especially real gourmet cooking & I love to knit, thus a pair made in heaven for me.

I packaged up some goodies & knit this pretty dish cloths from the book Knitters Stash. I really love this Feather & Fan pattern, and I love this linen. I used Louet Hand-spun Linen in Crabapple, and I threw in 1 skein of Pink Panther linen for Isela to make more dish cloths, in 2 different patterns. I'll have to know me some of these for myself soon.

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