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Getting Ready for the Ravelympics 2008!  

888 Olympics

As you probably know, on Ravelry, there is a group for “Ravelympics2008�, where knitters, crocheters, like myself will compete in different events. Events range from WIPwrestling, which is completing as many WIPs as you can, or AmigurimiToss, making animals, Hand-Dyed Hurdles, dyeing yarn, and so on.

The competition will run parallel to the Official Summer Olympics in Beijing, CHINA, which starts this Friday, 8-8-8. Once ceremonies open, knitters have the green light to start knitting, dyeing, spinning, you name it, all until the ceremonies end.

I’ve joined a number of teams...


Team Knitting Bloggers EVENTS Hand-dyed hurdles & Handspun Heptathalon
Team Blue Moon EVENTS AmigurumiToss & Sockput & Cowljump
Team Hopelessly Overcommitted EVENT ShawlRelay
Team Junkie EVENTS MittenMedley & Hatdash
Team Bob EVENT FeltedFreestyle
Team Hogwarts EVENT HolidayHandball
Team Stashdown EVENT AmigurumiToss & Hatdash
Team Sundara EVENT Freeforallstyle
Team Loopy EVENT Sockput

Isn’t he a cutey!
Ravelympics 2008  "Team Bob"

So, I’m crazy, no?? But it is fun 8-) There’s no penalty for not completing your projects, but at least you apart of a team with the same purpose to complete your projects before end of ceremonies. Wish me luck 8-)

In other news, guess you could call it a “Online Yarn Crawl�….

I’ve gotten some goodies in, I was reading a blog, or got an email from the Yarn Pirate, can’t remember which happened first? Anyways I was able to score 2 skeins of Yarn Pirates Booty (boy doesn’t that sound weird..hee hee).

Feast your eyes on “Blueberry� , just luscious! Now I wish I had bought 2 of these.
Yarn Pirate "Blueberry"

And “Sweet Magnolia�, I just love the soft colors
Yarn Pirate "Sweet Magnolia"

Now to Knitterly Things, I usually check the shop update, and see if I can score some more Vesper yarn, usually I miss out, but this time I was at least able to get my hands on one of the cute “Wee Skein Kit’s� #37, which has colors: Mamacita, Algae, Neopolitan, and Strange Little Mama.

Vesper Wee Skein Kit

Onto Eat.Sleep.Knit, where I purchased some soft yarn “Pima Petite� in the “Gems of Turquoise� colorway.

The Unique Sheep "Pima Petite"

I got an email from Eat.Sleep.Knit. that they are now offering the newly coveted “Malabrigo Book One� book. I quickly clicked over and bought this puppy…. Ooh can’t wait…

Is that cover not to die for?? I want that pattern and yarn color!

Last, but not least, I finally received my pre-ordered “BIG Stitch� book, that I ordered from the Bagsmith, way back a million years ago, from then to now, I’ve moved, and this books been on a mission to get to me, finally. I completely forgot that I bought this until I got a phone call from the Bagsmith trying to track my new address down. What’s even nicer, I had no idea it would be signed by the author? So sweet, and there are some pretty cool patterns in this baby. These are to be used with EXTREME knitting needles, I bought size 50 at Stitches West 2008, there monsters, but totally cool! Can you believe the gauge requirements are 1 stitch per inch!!! OMG!

Big Stitch Book

Big Stitch Book

All Over the Map

All my peeps, this is going to be a lengthy post because I'm just "All Over the Map" with great news, FOs, Yum-O treats, and anything else that sneaks into my post.

Breaking News
If you haven't already read or heard from "Scout" followers like me, is that Scout from "Scout's Swag", has signed a book deal to share, inspire, and teach all inquiring "dye-minds" about the "Dyeing" process. That is taking pure undyed wool and dyeing it into your own unique colorful yarn.

I've actually known about this for awhile, but I had to keep my lips sealed until Scout made the secret news public. When I took Scout's dye class awhile ago, she revealed the great news to her dye class students, and asked that we keep it on the down-low until her announcement, which came this past weekend. She announced it during a Y-Knit Podcast, which I have to say is a very good one. WonderMike & Stephen really are just wonderful with their Podcasts and Scout's Podcast has alot of good info in it, as well as info about her upcoming book.
Although we will have to wait awhile before we can get our hands on her book, expect it out in press around 2010, and if I'm lucky, I'll try my best to get my own signed copy. I'll end this by saying that Scout is very nice and very customer-service oriented, and great at her craft. Visit her at http://www.scoutj.com
Did I also mention that she is a photographer? She takes the most beautiful pictures too.

It's "Knitta" time

I did it! I finished my "Knitta Project 08" this weekend, and "knit tagged" my tree in front of my home. I know really that I should've of knit tagged
something out in public, like a stop sign pole, but I really wanted my 1st Knitta Tag to be in front of my house. I had such fun with this project, in all aspects. First I got to use my lighted knitting needles, and I got to take part in a tradition held by the Knitta Gang from Texas, and I got to use up some scrap yarn, and I got to display to my neighbors and passer-byers that there is a "Knitta Gal" living in my house. When I put it up earlier, I really thought my husband would think I was crazy, but
as always he appreciated it and liked it himself. Now onto my next knitta project, hmmm....

I'm just getting started
As I am an avid knitter, crafter, everything, I'm extremely passionate about cooking & baking, it is one of my favorite things to do. Before knitting, I spent alot of time researching about food prepping, food storage, food combinations, savory vs. sweet, traditional vs. modern, you name it. Some of my favorite chefs are, in no particular order:

~~Alton Brown "Good Eats"
I enjoy Alton because he really breaks food down into a science, and makes you understand the
physics behind food & he's goofy funny.

~~Giada DeLaurentis "Everyday Italian"
Giada's food is just perfect. It's always simple, elegant, and tasteful. I've cooked her recipes time and again, and there always delicous. I'm Mexican, but Italian is really my other love, right next to Mexican food.

~~Rachel Ray "30 minutes Meals"
What can I say, I just love Rachel. I've met her in person about 2 years ago, she was totally
nice and when I met her do you know what she said to me??? "Hello Gorgeous", such a compliment
from her! I was star struck, I didn't know what to ask her or tell her, all I could muster was
"I love your recipes". Her recipes are quick and Yum-O!

~~Ina Garten "Barefoot Contessa"
Hmm... Ina is just an all around faboulous chef. She has great ideas, and can mix up some
awesome drinks to go with her dishes. I love her methods, and her presentation.

~~Martha Stewart from ALL Marthas shows

This is the Queen herself, what can't she do?? My idol, who I strive to be, someday, even if
only in my dreams. Her recipes, methods, ideas, resourcefulness, I could go on and on

So now that you know my other passion, what I mean by "I'm just getting started" is that the holiday season is not far away, and during that time, I do a ton of baking and cooking. I'm at my happiest during this time of year, really I am, I'm just happy inside. I enjoy the smells, the feeling of warmth, the beautiful array of colors that nature takes on, the ambiance that the holiday's bring. I'm like a kid when I visit Michaels, because I just love seeing all the props for the holidays, and the scents. I'm starting to test out new recipes for baked goods and entree's, and this weekend I tried out a Chocolate chip Oatmeal Bar" recipe. I was a little skeptical on how these would taste, but boy, "YUM-O", they came out great. It's funny because normally when I make anything with Chocolate Chip morsels, its just all around sweet, but the Oatmeal ingredient in this recipe, really balances out the sweetness of the Chocolate Chips. When I eat one, I don't feel as guilty as if I'd eaten a cookie. And, after having these, I have all kinds of ideas of other combinations I can spin-off into, so I can feel myself just getting started for this upcoming holiday season 8-)

FOs from the past

I knitted the "K & K Cap" from Purlescence Yarns awhile ago, it was my first hat/beanie that I knitted. I used Cascade Cash Vero yarn in Black, and was just really proud of how it came out & how comfortable and soft it felt. Another fave of mines is this "Baby Purl Beanie" that I knitted using Lorna Laces Angel yarn. I can't remember the color, but it's just precious. I gave this as a present to my close friend/family for their new baby girl.

Whew.. now that's the end of this post.

Tell me what do you prefer, short or long posts? Or are you in between? I prefer long, I read all sorts of blogs daily, so I like to have something to read, it's my version of the "morning newspaper".

With everything that I've wrote about, I had to provide pictures, so here yah go.....

K & K Cap

K & K Cap

K & K Cap

Baby Purl Beanie

Baby Purl Beanie

Knitta Tag 2008 in San Jose, CA

Knitta Tag 2008 in San Jose, CA

Knitta Tag 2008 in San Jose, CA

Knitta Tag 2008 in San Jose, CA

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Bars

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Bars

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Bars

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Bars

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Bars


A pair of FOs

I finished 2 different sets of projects I was working on. First off were my 4th pair of "Detonation" death socks for my 4th Kill in Sock Wars III. There's a whole story behind these socks, I'll make it as short as possible.

I killed my last (3rd target) back in the beginning of June 2008. Around that time Julie (former Supreme Commander of Sock Wars) ended the game suddenly, declaring the winner to be whomever sent a postcard to her by a specific date, and was lucky to have it drawn from hat. If your familiar with Sock Wars, this is definitely not how the game goes, but unfortunately Julie has had some real hard times in her family, I don't know the intricate details, but I've heard it has to do with the passing of an immediate family member. Don't quote me on that, I only heard from the grapevine, so I have no real proof, but I totally understand her actions if it is the case. Anyways, there were alot of Warriors still alive, like myself, still wanting to play, and lucky us, Casualknitter (On Ravelry) graciously took over the game, and has kept things going. So, I continued in Sock Wars III, and I enlisted help from Casualknitter to track down the SIPs I was supposed to receive from my 3rd target. After weeks of attempting to track down the SIPs, we came to the conclusion of who we thought had the SIPs, believe me, we followed tracking #'s and everything, and yet this person for whatever reasons wouldn't fess up the SIPs. I'm not saying anything bad about her, maybe she really didn't have them? Who knows, either way, at this point, Casualknitter game me the go ahead to start a new pair from scratch.

I didn't start a new pair until about 2 weeks ago, I was pretty reluctant, not want to spend the $$ for sock yarn, but I did, and bought some Tofutsies yarn, since it is the official sock yarn for the game, SWTC is sponsoring Sock Wars.

Anyways, after I knitted the 2 cuffs & heel of the socks, I lost my desire and tossed the puppies in the o'hibernating basket. But, the competitor voice in me kept saying "finish the socks", so I got my 2nd wind, and voila, less than a week later I finished the pair, which was this past weekend. I was just to happy to have these puppies finished, literally.

So, you'd think all the hassle was over, right? Well no-sir-ee-bob, funny thing I packaged the socks, and took them with me to work to send off at lunch time, but then I realized, I don't have address! I quickly emailed Casualknitter for the info, and after some waiting, finally got the address this morning. I was kind of in a helpless mood the other day and did a post about this in the Sock Wars group, asking for some good luck to come my way, and it did 8-) I got my address and these puppies are going to be overnighted today to get to there target tomorrow. Yay!!! Geez, this 4th kill has been an adventurer, all the while, I wonder, if my doom is coming soon? I think my assassin is still alive? Hmm...we'll see if I live for a 5th kill.

Now to the 2nd FO, these are the Simple Booties & Scratch Mittens from the Easy Baby Knits book. I picked these because they were quick & cute, and my friend had her baby earlier than I thought. These are knit using Blue Sky Alpaca Yarn, and are just soft as can be. I hope they fit.

Sock Wars III 2008 4th Kill

Sock Wars III 2008 4th Kill

Sock Wars III 2008 4th Kill
From Top to Bottom, Left to Right, Pic 1 is the completed "death socks" for my 4th kill along with the goodies I sent, some Rasberry-Dark Chocolate Kisses & Chocolate Almond Kisses, plus 1 wrapped beeswax candle. Pic 2 are the socks opposite each other. Pic 3 is a close of the sock pattern. Project Specs 1 skein Tofutsies #799 Sole Searching, gauge is 8 stitches per inch. Size knitted, US 9.5, approximately 10 inches from edge of heel to toe end. Finishing used was Kitchener, ends woven & knotted off. Pattern key, INC increases used in combination with K2TOGs, creates a "Zig-Zag" appearance.

Simple Booties & Scratch Mittens

Simple Booties & Scratch Mittens

Simple Booties & Scratch Mittens

From Top to Bottom, Left to Right, All Pics are just different poses & shots of the completed set. I was trying to get good angles. Project Specs 1.5 skeins Blue Sky Alpaca Yarn in Pink, gauge 28 stitches and 34 rows = 4 inches. Size knitted for newborns. Finishing used was seaming pieces together, ends woven & knotted off. Pattern key, straight garter stitch, with ribbing for mittens. Deviations I made were not knitting the ribbing for the cuff of the booties, I thought there would be less tension on the babies ankles if I just stuck with garter stitch.


I heart my Namaste Cali-Laguna Bag

I was recently doing my daily scrub of Scout's site, and made some splurge orders. First I bought one of the new Namaste Cali-Laguna bags in Olive. What I love about this bag, you have multiple methods of carrying it, over the shoulder or hanging from your forearm, or just holding in your hands. There's enough in this bag to store multiple projects, notepads, you name it. It closes good, so it's not open to the world and those who have wandering hands or 5 fingers would be a better way to put it.

When I got my lovely bag, I immediately pulled my contents from my Jordana Paige Bella bag *sorry Jordana, the Bella is still a fave of mine*. I'm known to hoard bags and accessories, honestly what woman isn't??

Anyways, after I got my Cali-Laguna bag, I started searching for the bag accessories, I have no idea why I didn't do this from the get go (bad buyer me), but I found some other cool accessories to go with my bag, and I quickly ordered those up from Scout's site as well, all in a matching Olive color.

My Namaste set includes the Cali-Laguna bag in Olive, the Cali-Laguna Clutch in Olive, and the Cali-Laguna Needle Purse in Olive. I use the Clutch to house my cards, checks, & important things, plus extra needles, and I stuff this baby inside my Cali-Laguna bag. The great thing about this is that when I'm in a rush or going to dinner, I simply pull out the clutch and off I go, and the Cali-Laguna bag rests waiting for it's mate in the car. I use the Needle Purse, for more needles, if needed.

Here are some pics of how these all go together, I highly recommend these. I use it daily, and stuff all my notepads/books that I use at work in it, and carry it around like a backpack, a very pretty one.


Whew! What a weekend (Part Une)

This weekend was totally cool, and so much fun. I have to split this up into separate posts because there's just too much to tell.

First I'll start off with Football, one of my all time favorites, and need I say is starting back up now with pre-season just around the corner. My team of choice, the San Francisco 49ers, they are the golden time, although lately have had some growing pains and some pretty rough patches, nonetheless I'm a "Faithful 49er" and I'm with them through thick & thin. I registered for Opening Day Training Camp tickets a few weeks ago, and this past Saturday was the big day.

It was the three of us, my husband "C", my son "Pops",(less my daugher "Yahyah" who ran off with her grandma), and I, who headed down to the 49ers training facility in Santa Clara, CA bright & early Saturday morniing.

They had it setup real nice, food stands, games, official 49er store, cheerleaders, etc. Plus the main event was on the field, where all the players were stretching, getting ready to do practice drills & scrimmage games. We picked a nice spot on the bleachers, and watched away, plus we took all kinds of pictures.

Here's the 49ers Quarterback Alex Smith stretching:
49ers Alex Smith stretching at Training Camp 7/26/08

Here's a view of some of the players:
49er Players at Training Camp 7/26/08

Here's the entrance to the facility:
Entrance to 49ersTraining Camp 7/26/08

After going to the camp, it got me all ready to start knitting some nice 49ers themed garments. I want be in "Knit Style" this season, since I wasn't knitting before, this will be my first official knitting fall/winter season 8-) Sometimes I wonder how it was I never knitted before??? I took to it like a fish to water, from what my mother tells me, I'm a natural because my grandma was a knitting queen & its in my blood. Unfortunately my Mother isn't a knitter, so for now, it's just Lil'O'Me the in the family that knits. I do have an Aunt Virgie who Crochets, she lives in Seattle, WA & my Aunt Mary down the street is quite a sewer, she makes all sorts of cute things, my Mother however does make beautiful jewelry, I'm going to start working with her on making custom stitch markers soon, lookout for those!

Now, a few weeks ago, in the Metagroups on Ravelry I started a thread to see if there were any "49er" fan knitters who would like a group themed mainly around the 49ers but also including just general football or any sport themed knitting projects. I got a few replies, enough to start group, so now I am. The group is named "Knitting Niners", if your interested in joining, just look us up in the groups listing or send a PM to RockyMoreno so I can send you an invite. My intention for this group isn't to isolate other football fans or other sports fans, I really would like group where you can meet other knitting niners, as well as share ideas for knitting projects that can be worn or used in the spirit of sports. Sports are truly a great thing for us humans, they help keep us healthy, by allowing us to engage in social situations, which in turn relieves stress (well maybe not for those that take it a little too seriously), but overall it is a good way to relax and have fun. Plus if you are someone that gets involved in actually playing sports, there's a ton of health benefits there too, your cardio, your weight, your physical health, and if you have kids, its a nice bonding experience.

I'm going to start a knit along for the group for a nice beanie to wear to a game or just to wear in the fall/winter.

So that's it for my Part Une, lookout for Part Duex in a couple days... much more music, knitting, Scout's goodies, and more 8-)