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Just a little knitting

My mini-Christmas vacay was nice, and always too short. I made lots of tamales, and did a good amount of baking. I also squeezed in some knitting, primarily for Christmas. There were still a few things I couldn't get done or even start, but there's never enough hours in the day for us knitters, is there?

I wish I could just spend my days knitting all the beautiful patterns out there and then enjoy wafting though the many FOs...heaven 8) But reality always hits and I find myself always squeezing in some knitting, even if only a few rows, or even a few stitches.

I'm at the tail end of a few projects, and have a few news ones I need to get started, alas my New Year's knitting.

First on the needles will be a pair of socks, for the Through the Loops Mystery Kal 2012!

Mad Tosh - Thyme

and then at least 3-4 more projects I'll be rotating.

I'll leave you some Christmas knitting...

Mixt Pima CowlMixt Pima Cowl

The Mixt Cowl, on the top, wrapped twice, on the bottom, wrapped four times.

Knit with Cascade Ultra Pima, 1 skein.

Pima KnucksPima Knucks

1 pair of Knucks = 1 skein of Cascade Ultra Pima.

Mixt Cowl in Cotton SupremeMixt Cowl in Cotton Supreme

Mixt Cowl knit with 1 skein of Cotton Supreme.



Happy New Year


Wishing everyone a belated Christmas!

Hubby and I at my companies holiday party a couple weeks ago..,

Here's a couple of scarflets  I made as gifts for my Mother.

Pima Bites Scarflet

Pattern: Fresh Bite Scarflet

Yarn: Ultra Pima (2 skeins, 2 strands at once)

Cash Vero Bites Scarflet

Pattern: Fresh Bite Scarflet

Yarn: Cash Vero (2 skeins)

Oooh, and some holiday cuties....

Snow Buddy Couple

Pattern: Sno Buddy Family

Still have 3 family members left!

Lastly, I'll wish you all a very Happy New Year!!!

Rosie Xmas 2010



Official Turkey Day Run

Today was my "Official Turkey Day Run", what does that mean? It means a few hours at my local grocery store gathering all my food items in preparation for this coming Thanksgiving.

I'm pretty organized when it comes to this stuff, so I have a saved file with a list of my "Thanksgiving Menu", with all needed ingredients to make the menu, and I like to go in and out as fastest as I can.

I print the list out each year, take my calculator and pen, and off I go. I write prices down as I shop and tally it up on my calculator. My goal this year, really out of necessity, is to get the most for my $$. I'm aiming to stay under $150.00, which is pretty damn low for me cause I usually spend a few hundred. I have between 10 -12 mouths to feed, all adults, with the exception of my kids and 1 baby. This means that everyone will eat larger portions and even get seconds.

Here's what I'll be making:
**Turkey** (probably a 24lb one or bigger)

**Mashed Potatoes**

And so much more! Homemade stuffing, Carrots steamed with fresh Rosemary, Fresh string beans and corn, and dinner rolls, gravy, and of course cranberry sauce. Yum-O! I can just taste the food now!

I got my Turkey items, now all that waits is the prepping, which is mandatory to have a relaxing Turkey day. Guess how much I spent? My bill tallied up to $96.00! Of course I have 4 items left to buy, but that's gotta wait until Wednesday morning, and I know I'll stay under $50.00 with the remaining 4, plus I got everything in under 1 hour! Believe me the store was packed, everyone was turkey shopping, and all lines had cartfulls with like 4 people waiting in each line. I got lucky because the line next to me opened and the guy in front of me let me go ahead of him cause his girlfriend was off getting a last minute item.

Now that my grocery shopping is done, onto some yarny goodness. I got my latest installment of the Seven Deadly Spins Club, and is greedy!

Seven Deadly Spins package 11/08

Yellow to me is an acquired taste but this purse looks so pretty and fashionable.

Seven Deadly Spins package 11/08

I also got the coolest little $100 dollar stitch marker, but no pictures cause my camera could'nt focus on it.

This package made me greedy for more yarn, and wouldn't yah know, I also got me hands on some Pirate Booty!

Yarn Pirate Booty Club "Herron" 11-2008

Latest colorway is Herron. It reminds me of those cold rainy winter days that are gloomy. It has a nice shade of purple blended in that act like a mellow purple umbrella to add that sparkle to your day.

Yarn Pirate Booty Club "Herron" 11-2008

I think this colorway calls for a cowl! I'm starting to love cowls, there so addicting. I'll have to choose from the huge array of cowls I covet.

Another fun project I've been secretly working on is a pattern for a Christmas Stocking. I'm putting the finishing touches on it, and I'll share probably tomorrow. It's a fun festive project!

Well I'd love to stay and blog more but I gotta get my booty nighty night for me trabajo tomorrow.
Catch you tomorrow!