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Just a little knitting

My mini-Christmas vacay was nice, and always too short. I made lots of tamales, and did a good amount of baking. I also squeezed in some knitting, primarily for Christmas. There were still a few things I couldn't get done or even start, but there's never enough hours in the day for us knitters, is there?

I wish I could just spend my days knitting all the beautiful patterns out there and then enjoy wafting though the many FOs...heaven 8) But reality always hits and I find myself always squeezing in some knitting, even if only a few rows, or even a few stitches.

I'm at the tail end of a few projects, and have a few news ones I need to get started, alas my New Year's knitting.

First on the needles will be a pair of socks, for the Through the Loops Mystery Kal 2012!

Mad Tosh - Thyme

and then at least 3-4 more projects I'll be rotating.

I'll leave you some Christmas knitting...

Mixt Pima CowlMixt Pima Cowl

The Mixt Cowl, on the top, wrapped twice, on the bottom, wrapped four times.

Knit with Cascade Ultra Pima, 1 skein.

Pima KnucksPima Knucks

1 pair of Knucks = 1 skein of Cascade Ultra Pima.

Mixt Cowl in Cotton SupremeMixt Cowl in Cotton Supreme

Mixt Cowl knit with 1 skein of Cotton Supreme.



Happy New Year


Wishing everyone a belated Christmas!

Hubby and I at my companies holiday party a couple weeks ago..,

Here's a couple of scarflets  I made as gifts for my Mother.

Pima Bites Scarflet

Pattern: Fresh Bite Scarflet

Yarn: Ultra Pima (2 skeins, 2 strands at once)

Cash Vero Bites Scarflet

Pattern: Fresh Bite Scarflet

Yarn: Cash Vero (2 skeins)

Oooh, and some holiday cuties....

Snow Buddy Couple

Pattern: Sno Buddy Family

Still have 3 family members left!

Lastly, I'll wish you all a very Happy New Year!!!

Rosie Xmas 2010



Christmas Striped Monster

I call this the Christmas Striped Monster, a skinny scarf knitted for my daughter.  She had asked for a thin stripey scarf in Christmas colors, Red and Green.  She preferred more toned down  & muted colors.  I ended up choosing Mirasol yarns, Kacha in the two shades.  Both muted.

Mirasol Kacha yarn in Green Mirasol Kacha yarn in Red

Mirasol yarn is DK: 60% Merino, 25% Alpaca, 15% Silk.

This is a striped monster because the ends alone were alot to weave, I used 2 full skeins of Mirasol yarn in each color, equaling 200 yards.

The next obstacle is of course blocking.

Christmas Striped Monster Skinny Scarf Christmas Striped Monster Skinny Scarf Christmas Striped Monster Skinny Scarf

I used a yard stick to keep it straight when pinning.  Since its stockinette, it will always naturally want to curl, but the blocking will help to keep it somewhat flat.  I might try a few other techniques, but it'll have to wait for this to finish drying.

Thought I'd share this monster with you before I get some rest.  Went to my job's annual Christmas party last night and I'm all tired.  Which makes the striped monster, even more of a monster considering my lazy state :)




Just as most of you out there, I had turkey day this past week.  I'm very thankful for everything, my family, and my life.  I have all the issues most people have, finances, job issues, you know average stuff, and I should be thankful for that considering life could be harder.  I hope you enjoyed your turkey day too! 

I started 2 new projects, finished one already, and have the other on the needles.  I made another Fresh Bite scarflet, this one for my Mother.

The other week she picked out the yarn and buttons for the scarf.  This is the 2nd one that I've made, I'll need to make one of these for me now. 

Love Bites Scarf Love Bites Scarf

Pattern: Fresh Bite Scarflet
Yarn: Nimbus
Needles: US 8
Started/Finished: 11/24 - 11/28
Mods: None.
Make again?:Yes, I will make again!! Next one is for me.
Supplies:Yarn and buttons purchased from GPY.

I also started a narrow stripey scarf for my Daughter with this fabolous Kacha yarn.

Mirasol Kacha yarn in Red Mirasol Kacha yarn in Green

I'll take pictures of this scarf this week.  For now, I'll have to get ready for work week 8(  It'd be nice to have all the time to knit and knit and knit.


Elm Row pattern knitted with Scout's Swag Peach Pit

Since I scored some of Scout's latest Swag colorway, I decided to knit the Elm Row pattern from Knitspot using the Peach Pit skein. I like this colorway because it's mellow, and has speckles of color in it. The yarn is soft and lightweight, perfect for a summer knit. I can't wait to wear it.

Here is what the pattern photo looks like finished: