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Bag Lady

For the Socks that Rawk group, Q1 "Tina's Choice" KAL.

I knitted these on and off over the 3 months.  Just simply got distracted with other knitting and then of course life always calls too.


Solstice Slip socks Bag LadySolstice Slip - Bag LadySolstice Slip socks Bag Lady

The heel portion adds a decent amount of length to the foot, originally I had about a size 7.5 sock, which is way too long for my little size 5.  I ripped back down to about 4.5 inches and started the heel again, this time it worked out perfectly, although I think if I were to use this version of heel, I'd go with maybe 4 inches to give it a more snug fit.   

I was originally skeptical about having garter stitch toe and heel, but it's actually pretty comfortable.  The pattern simply ends at the leg portion, you just bind off in pattern, no cuff.  I did, however, try a version of a garter stitch cuff and didn't like it, so I ripped it out and went with the pattern instructions.

All and all I'm happy with them, another pair of socks to add to my ever growing sock wardrobe.

Quick note about the pictures, it was quite interesting contorting my body to get these pics.  Although the time I spent contorting did count as a small but always needed workout! 

Pattern: Solstice Slip by JC Briar
 Yarn: Socks that Rock - Lightweight "Bag Lady" colorway
Needles: US 1 (Addi Lace)
Started: January 16, 2011
Finished: March 28, 2011

Mods: Front (instep) stitches are 30, and the sole st’s are 25. I did this intentionally to make the sock fit snug, since my feet are small and narrow. At heel portion, increased to the 35 sts.  When done with the heel portion, the first round that starts the decreases (k2tog/ssk) I picked up all wrapped stitches on the first and last stitches that I did decreases on. This worked great and closing any holes.  I went with ankle socks instead of the traditional longer leg.



Fiber Candy Friday

Yes! I have 2 lovelies to share with you from the Hello Yarn Fiber Club.

First up 4oz of "Shaking Leaves" a Finn Wool Top for January 2011

Shaking Leaves Hello Yarn Fiber Jan Finn Wool Top

I'm loving the blue mixed with the greenish/yellow hews.

Second up 4oz of "Scorched" a BFL for February 2011

Scorched Hello Yarn Fiber Club Feb BFL

Isn't Scorched a perfect name?!  I love it!  Especially the dark burnt yellow portions!  My fave of the two.

So that's it my Fiber Candy for yous'! 

...well I'll throw in some FO Candy as well, to ring in a much needed Friday!

From top row clockwise, Malabrigo Tea Cozy, Purple Note, M&M candy, Mini-heart

Tea Cozy Purple Note
M&M Mini Heart






Just as most of you out there, I had turkey day this past week.  I'm very thankful for everything, my family, and my life.  I have all the issues most people have, finances, job issues, you know average stuff, and I should be thankful for that considering life could be harder.  I hope you enjoyed your turkey day too! 

I started 2 new projects, finished one already, and have the other on the needles.  I made another Fresh Bite scarflet, this one for my Mother.

The other week she picked out the yarn and buttons for the scarf.  This is the 2nd one that I've made, I'll need to make one of these for me now. 

Love Bites Scarf Love Bites Scarf

Pattern: Fresh Bite Scarflet
Yarn: Nimbus
Needles: US 8
Started/Finished: 11/24 - 11/28
Mods: None.
Make again?:Yes, I will make again!! Next one is for me.
Supplies:Yarn and buttons purchased from GPY.

I also started a narrow stripey scarf for my Daughter with this fabolous Kacha yarn.

Mirasol Kacha yarn in Red Mirasol Kacha yarn in Green

I'll take pictures of this scarf this week.  For now, I'll have to get ready for work week 8(  It'd be nice to have all the time to knit and knit and knit.

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