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New Pattern "Virgie's Fern"

The last 2012 Winter'ish pattern to release, still some days out there to enjoy wearing this, or to wear in the next Winter season.

This is "Virgie's Fern", a slouch hat, quick knit, using Bulky weight yarn.  The lace pattern repeat, is easy to remember and get into a rhythm.

Virgie's Slouch

Side View

Virgie's Slouch

Crown View

Virgie's Slouch

This is available at my pattern store at Ravelry or Craftsy.

I plan to have another pattern in the next month, the next one is a blouse, and I'm super excited about it! 

I hope you take a look at the new pattern!



WIPs for Wednesday

Quick mid-week share, here's what's on my needles...

The Cerasifera shawl, started late last week.  I was indecisive over what color to use, so I choose to use both, striped.  I'm currently doing about 2 pattern repeats per color, so far I'm liking the way it's transitionning between the colors, definitely allowing the pattern to shine.  I just finished the 14 pattern repeats, total stitches right now at 198 stitches. 

Cerasifera shawl

I'm excited to get this one done, it may win me a prize!  This is for the Summer Shawl KAL hosted by Through The Loops designer Kirsten Kapur.  Such great shawls to choose from, I'd love to make them all, but I settled on this beauty.  I'm gearing to have this blocking this weekend.

In a bit of a smaller project, well the knitted item is small, the design isn't.  I'm making a hat for my brother, this is going to be a pretty large hat, allowing alot of room to show long thick hair into and hide.  Guess it's like a Rasta hat? Not sure. 

Giants Cap

It's the perfect project to get me into the mood for the holidays, and I'm loving it.  That time of year to start getting ready for all the fun.  I'm going to scratch the original pattern I drafted and go with another one.  This would be my 3rd attempt and getting the right pattern down for the type of hat and color changes.  It's going to be knit from the top down, ensures a good fit.

I have a few more knits on the needles, 2 for now, more to come later. 




7 Hats

I'm a member of the HPKCC "Harry Potter Knit and Crochet" Cup group on Ravelry.  One of the fun challenges to take part in is Quidditch.  It's rather the fiber version of it.   For one day, one day only, you knit or crochet as many hats as possible within that day.  You post a picture of your hats and get points for the hats.  You can make adult or premie size.   This is the first time I participated and so I attempted my first set of hats. 

Here's my group:


I made 7, one being premie.  I used all scrap or novelty yarn from my misfits stash, the stash I had started to build prior to turning into a yarn snob.  (LOL).  I got a late start, say around 3-4 p.m., actually a little later than that, maybe more past 4.  If only I had truly started in the am, I surmise I could of made possibly 20 hats.  I averaged about 1 hat an hour.  not to shabby. 

As for other knitting news, I've started a test knit, and frogged it because of change in size to knit.  This is for a new yarn.  I'll share pics over the next day or so, as I've re-cast on this evening. 

Enjoy your Monday!