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Stubborn Knitting

Do you ever knit and knit and knit knowing your going to rip?  It happens to me quite often, and can be very frustrating.  What I mean is, I'll be making something and along the way I'll see one of those annoying defects in how a stitch looks or how the yarn I'm knitting with doesn't sit right on the fabric, either it looks splitty, looks loose, or just plain sticks out like a sore thumb to me. 

Usually these things are only noticeable to me, as all items knitters make are personal to that knitter, and I know I'm not alone, all knitters have their own opinion about what they make and can easily point something out they would change if they could. 

Well I do that alot, and I have not qualms about ripping back inches of hard work or even frogging all together to start over.  I'll do, and I do it quite often, not because I mess a pattern up but because I'm just plain picky about my work.  No I'm not some knitting genius, just a perfectionist, my perfection, not others' perfection.  My perfection is personal to me and where I'm going with this is, that "my perfection" can usually get me into trouble or cause alot of wasted knitting time.  Well one project which sparked this vent, is the Homin shawl.  Take a look at the latest WIP photo for it.

Homin shawl

Can you see anything wrong with this lace edging?  The pattern is written with lace edging first, then you pick up stitches to continue the body portion of the shawl.  Now, somewhere along the way, in the first lace edging pattern repeat, I miscounted the row I was one and voila, I no longer have a straight edge.  Now I noticed something was askew about halfway done with the 2nd lace edging repeat but that whole "my perfection" thing got in the way.  Sometimes even though I know that something's wrong and it's not something small but rather significant to the overall pattern, I'll be my most worst enemy, flat out, stubborn.  I'll fight myself and become reluctant to rip or frog, whichever is needed.  So I fought myself on this one.  Literally getting 5 full lace edging repeats into it before finally stepping back and saying, yes, it's time to give and admit the problem.  So after all that knitting and time spent, I'll be frogging and casting on again.  You better believe I'll pay attention to the row next round.  

My vent done.  Why don't I share some other more relaxing projects.

A newbie fresh on the needles.

Kiwi Lace Scarf

Picked this yarn up this past weekend at work, it is Zealana Kiwi lace, new at the LYS.  Lovely lace, and it's 40% New Zealand Possum!  Not the freaky American Possum's we have, but New Zealand Possum.  This was one of our featured yarns at this past weekend's Pennisula Shop Hop.  I casted on a simple narrow lace scarf, great for summer wear.

Again I picked up the Cotton Candy Lace Hearts blanket. Started another block, I'm guessing I'll do 5 or 6 block rows before binding off.  I'm still amazed at how soft this yarn is, simply silky.

Cotton Candy Lace Hearts blanket

And the WIP of choice right now, mainly because I want it done so I can wear it, is the Vita Cardi.  I'm finishing up one arm, and then I have one more arm left, a collar, blocking, seaming, and finishing.  Not too far from the finish line but getting there.  

Vita Cardi

That's it for WIP Wednesday.  Let's see if there's an FO post coming soon.  Happy Wednesday!


Whip It

Two knew books I splurged on at my LYS recently...

Shetland Trader  & West Knits 2

Both fab books with some great patterns. First is Shetland Trader with almost every pattern being a must knit.  Check these out.

Shetland Trader - Filska Shetland Trader - Shalder Shetland Trader - Homin Shawl

Second is the second of West Knits by Stephen West, the first I do own, and yes I have committed a knitting sin and have yet to cast on for a pattern for either book.  Not because I don't love or find any pattern interesting, just cause I've been all over the place knitting lately and just haven't got around to it.   But don't fret!  I will cast on at least one pattern from both books soon!

Stephen has such great patterns with unique style, I absolutely love them.  Just look at this hat!

West Knits Book 2 hat

And what's even nicer, he acknowledges the work of his test knitters, awesome all in itself.  8)

West Knits Book 2

So to "Whip It" in celebration of the forthcoming Wednesday, hump day, (I laugh each time I say or hear that), here is my teeny-weensy beginnings of my new Homin Shawl from Shetland Trader, knit with Ella Rae yarn.  Ella Rae yarn, just absolutely luscious and gorgeous to knit with.

Shetland Trader - Homin Shawl knit with Ella Rae

Tomorrow is TGIW for me, work week halfway done, thankfully.