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Knitters are cool

What can I say? Knitters, and I shant forget, Crocheters, are so cool!

I have received 2 completed Traveling Scarves groups this week, both are beautiful.

First is my SO's scarf, all in really nice black and gray colors.

Finished SO Scarf Group 25

To all the gals from my TS#25 SO group, THANK YOU MUCH FOR adding your wonderful knitting to my SO scarf!

Next is my NORO scarf

Finished Noro Scarf Group 37

It is so pretty, and I love all the different NORO additions. THANK YOU TO all the members of the TS#37 NORO group, I really really enjoyed Mod'ing the group. It's been a pleasure and I'm sad to see it coming to an end. Everyone is getting their scarves in the mail soon, I was lucky enough to get mine's last week.

And now for a Knitter who can really put a package together! This is my package for my Harry Potter - A little bit of everything swap. It comes from the wonderul Minerva Wood.

HBLOES package from Minerva Wood

She knitted me "Habitat" from Jared Flood, my absolute favorite designer. I love the red and the pattern. Everything in the package was perfect, and I got goodies for my dog and cat too, which they've loved playing with.

THANK YOU Minerva a.k.a. Yogaknot on Ravelry.


In a mellow mood

Lately I've been coveting more of the neutral colored yarns, the darks, but with a suttle hint of color. I visited Purlescence Yarns a few days ago, just needing to get a fix of yarnie goodness, and as dependable as can be, they always have such a good deep stock of BMF.

My stash is filled with lace, sock yarns, various amounts of worsted weight yarns, but not much of chunky or thicker yarns. There are a few projects that have caught my eye, and I need the thicker yarns to do it, say like a a litter thicker than your average worsted weight.

One of my little investments was Obsidian from Twisted BMF, it's 560 yds. of pure 100% Merino softness, I fell in love when I saw it.

Blue Moon Fiber Arts Twisted  in Obsidian

Blue Moon Fiber Arts Twisted  in Obsidian

I can make more than a few things out of this one skein, or hank? What would you call it? I'll have to dig up some of my saved "Planned Projects" patterns to start using this yarn. It will be quick and sweet satsifaction.

Another tidbit I've been just aching to get my hands on is the latest Knit1 mag, since you can't subscribe to the mag you really need to stalk your local carriers, mine being Barnes and Noble or Michael's, but it's very hard to catch one of these left behind there, so Barnes it is for me. Hey, I don't mind, any excuse to go to Barnes for me is a good one, I just love books.

One of my all time favorite designers, he's classic but fresh, simple yet intricate with his designs, is Jared Flood. I read his blog, Brooklyn Tweed, religiously, and he mentioned that he'll have his Relm Tam featured in the latest Knit1. Here's this pretty tam...

Knit1 Mag - Jared Flood - Brooklyn Tweed "Relm Tam"

I have some gorgeous yarn I picked up last year at Stitches West 2008, it is from a newer yarn provider, East Port Yarns. Their yarn is literally super soft and the colors are so gorgeous reminiscent of the classic victorian era. I'll snap some pics of my EPY stash and show yah. I plan to use one of the skeins to make the Relm Tam.

Ooh, last but not least, one little scrumptous morsel left, I was "enabled" by a fellow RR member on Ravelry to visit this yarnie's site Dude Yarn. I picked up 1 skein of 100% wool in "Sunday Driver Grey" isn't that a cool name?

Dude Yarn "Sunday Driver Grey" Worsted 100% Wool

Dude Yarn "Sunday Driver Grey" Worsted 100% Wool

I'll catch you later, it's mid-week and I'm ready for the end of it. 8-)