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Long awaited FO

After quite some time, I finallly finished the Karma Tank, from the Custom Knits book, I had started back in 2009.  Like many other WIPs that I get myself into, I had this one done, all that was left was the finishing, but I just put it away safely and let it hibernate for a couple of years. 

I wore this yesterday, perfect weather for it too.


Karma Tank Karma Tank

 Karma TankKarma Tank

 Karma TankKarma Tank

Pattern: Karma Tank by Wendy Bernard
Yarn: Sundara Sock yarn "Brown Sugar Over Buttermilk"
Needles: US 7 (Addi Lace)
Started: June 2009
Finished: September 10, 2011

Mods: I made this a little longer and made the straps shorter.  For increases, did on the 2nd stitch instead of the 1st stitch.

Before I leave, cause my Sunday is a wee bit busy, I also finished my contribution for the 1st scarf in rotation for the Traveling Scarves #201 Speedy group on Ravlery.  This is Karalmurner's scarf, I used Malabrigos Rios Worsted, one a lone stripe of grey yarn.

Enjoy your week ahead! 


A good day to block

Since today was one of the hotter days, I decided to sew in any loose ends on the Vita Cardi and also patch up a small hole at the collar.  I gave it a good soak...

 Vita cardi gets a bath

Squeezed it out pretty well, and now it's laying out, hopefully drying faster with this heat.  The next pics to share after this will be an FO of the cardi.  **Yipee!**

Over the weekend I continued to knit the Rock Island shawl, relaxing at the beach.

Knitting at the beach

I also continued to knit the Kiwi scarf, no new pics just yet.  Worked on a couple Traveling Scarves, some real gorgeous malabrigo ones too.

Enjoyed my weekend, relaxing and spending time with my hubby.  Back at work today 8( but hey, got a short week.

Hope you had a great weekend!


Bad Blogger!

What happened to me? I’m sure everyone is long gone 8( But I’m back, I’ll make sure to win your hearts again! So, let the fun begin!

I joined and am mod’ing another Traveling Scarves group on Ravelry, remember this is the type of group you join, typically with at least 10 other members. You knit small portions of each other’s scarves and send onto the next. Before you know it, your scarf comes back to you having been a small seedlet last time you sent it, now it’s a full fledged scarf. I’ve participated in 2 of these prior and got 2 great scarves out of it, not to mention I enjoyed the social part.

Here’s a couple of scarves I just sent a few weeks ago, they really are pretty.

Page's scarf - TS78

Laura's scarf - TS 78

Aren’t they gorgeous? This group is lengthwise scarves, #78, and for the top picture, I added Fiesta sock yarn, in Rhubarb colorway, it blended in pretty well. The pink one I added Noro silk, don’t know the colorway, it really blended in well.

Ooh! And and FO, a fun and such pretty one!

It’s Mary-Heather’s pattern, Simple Things, knit with Scout’s Swag sock yarn in, ???, gosh!, brainfart! Ok, let me think, it is “Tidal Pool”, I think, it’s just beautiful. This was made for my spoilee in the Twilight Edward vs. Jacob Eclipse swap, Vberry. These are her favorite colors, some of them at least, and I swear, it reminds me of the ocean. It’s knit with the full skein of Scout’s wonderful yarn, I had been loving this yarn for so long, one that I had got in Scout’s Swag Sock Club from I think it was 2009 or 2008, not too sure on the date. I was so happy to send this gem on.

A Simple Thing

A Simple Thing

But wait, you think my present is nice, Vberry returned the favor twice over. This was her gift to me, an Ulmus! Just look at these colors! I absolutely fell in love with it and cant’ wait until the weather gets a little more chilly so I can strut this gorgeous thing.

Twilight Saga Swap Edward vs Jackob package from Vberry

Twilight Saga Swap Edward vs Jackob package from Vberry

Isn’t it beautiful! So no more “bad blogger”, I’m in full blog mode now, so I’ll catch you Wednesday!

Please drop me a line 8)



Knitters are cool

What can I say? Knitters, and I shant forget, Crocheters, are so cool!

I have received 2 completed Traveling Scarves groups this week, both are beautiful.

First is my SO's scarf, all in really nice black and gray colors.

Finished SO Scarf Group 25

To all the gals from my TS#25 SO group, THANK YOU MUCH FOR adding your wonderful knitting to my SO scarf!

Next is my NORO scarf

Finished Noro Scarf Group 37

It is so pretty, and I love all the different NORO additions. THANK YOU TO all the members of the TS#37 NORO group, I really really enjoyed Mod'ing the group. It's been a pleasure and I'm sad to see it coming to an end. Everyone is getting their scarves in the mail soon, I was lucky enough to get mine's last week.

And now for a Knitter who can really put a package together! This is my package for my Harry Potter - A little bit of everything swap. It comes from the wonderul Minerva Wood.

HBLOES package from Minerva Wood

She knitted me "Habitat" from Jared Flood, my absolute favorite designer. I love the red and the pattern. Everything in the package was perfect, and I got goodies for my dog and cat too, which they've loved playing with.

THANK YOU Minerva a.k.a. Yogaknot on Ravelry.


Were almost there

It seems like these weeks are flying by faster than I can catch up. So many changes, so many things to deal with nowadays.

As I've posted prior, my job has not be one that I've enjoyed, in most aspects. Anyways, I found my own inner peace and ways to enjoy myself and feel like I'm making progress. All that I've preached to my kids about making your environment enjoyable is actually paying off. I can also attribute my enjoyment to a co-worker who works with me, she's pretty cool, and we get along great. Were both very strong willed and both have a desire to make things work. I'm thankful she's there, it's definitely a nicer environment.

As for other things, my kids are just getting bigger and bigger. My daughter still wants to Trick'o Treat, she's 15yrs., but we have no kids to Trick'o Treat with, so she's kind of bummed. My son isn't interested, but more so because he has braces and candy isn't an option for him, plus he's a total health freak, literally, counts calories, saturated fats, etc.

Last time this year, I was working at my job of 7 years, I was living in the Central Valley in a brand new 3000 sq. foot home on a 13,000 sq. foot lot, 3 bath, 5 bedrooms, 3 car garage, on a half court, next door to my cousin, who is like my brother, commuting to work daily from Newman to San Jose to Palo Alto. This was my life then, now I'm back in San Jose, commuting about 25 minutes to work, sometimes less, living in a house, 4 bedroom, 3 bath, decent lot, probably about 7000-8000 sq. foot, renting it, and working at a new company, that I'm trying to grow into. What a difference time makes, huh?

These weeks, so fast, it's amazing. Halloween is just around the corner, and I can already feel Thanksgiving. This is my favorite time of the year, and sometimes I wish things would just slow down so I can really take in the season. I love the gloominess that comes, the misty mornings, the mornings you just want to have a nice warm cup of coffee or chai tea in bed, just relaxing and enjoying what nature has to offer. So, if your wondering what got me in this mood, it was, no joking around, the new Yarn Pirate colorway from the Booty Club I just received, "Smoke Rings". This color is so pretty and just emanates this time of year, the gloomy mornings, and smells of mist in the air. The name itself is cool, I love the names that the dyers come up with. They'd probably admit that it's actually very hard to come up with a name, and I believe them. What little dyeing I've done, and colors I've come out with, it's just a very hard thing to do, come up with a name. I'm working on really getting my dyeing going, to try and have a small customer base who would be interested in my hand-dyed yarn, so I pay attention to the names alot.

Just check this out, so soft and cool:

Yarn Pirate Booty Club "Smoke Rings"

Look at this dye job, Yarn Pirate has such an awesome talent! I just admire her work, it is a very skillful thing to be able to have a dye lot come out like this:

Yarn Pirate Booty Club "Smoke Rings"

There's no bleeding, the color changes blend so nicely:

Yarn Pirate Booty Club "Smoke Rings"


Real quick, but I leave yah.. hopefully drooling like me *-), I joined yet another Traveling Scarves group, #42 Tweeds! It's as you guessed, all about Tweeds! I love Tweeds, and as I said in my prior post, I'll be going with Tweed yarn for my Central Park Hoodie, and now I'll have a scarf to match it. I don't have any pics yet of my seedlet section, so keep on eye out.

Were almost to Friday folks 8) Enjoy!