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A good day to block

Since today was one of the hotter days, I decided to sew in any loose ends on the Vita Cardi and also patch up a small hole at the collar.  I gave it a good soak...

 Vita cardi gets a bath

Squeezed it out pretty well, and now it's laying out, hopefully drying faster with this heat.  The next pics to share after this will be an FO of the cardi.  **Yipee!**

Over the weekend I continued to knit the Rock Island shawl, relaxing at the beach.

Knitting at the beach

I also continued to knit the Kiwi scarf, no new pics just yet.  Worked on a couple Traveling Scarves, some real gorgeous malabrigo ones too.

Enjoyed my weekend, relaxing and spending time with my hubby.  Back at work today 8( but hey, got a short week.

Hope you had a great weekend!