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Bad Blogger!

What happened to me? I’m sure everyone is long gone 8( But I’m back, I’ll make sure to win your hearts again! So, let the fun begin!

I joined and am mod’ing another Traveling Scarves group on Ravelry, remember this is the type of group you join, typically with at least 10 other members. You knit small portions of each other’s scarves and send onto the next. Before you know it, your scarf comes back to you having been a small seedlet last time you sent it, now it’s a full fledged scarf. I’ve participated in 2 of these prior and got 2 great scarves out of it, not to mention I enjoyed the social part.

Here’s a couple of scarves I just sent a few weeks ago, they really are pretty.

Page's scarf - TS78

Laura's scarf - TS 78

Aren’t they gorgeous? This group is lengthwise scarves, #78, and for the top picture, I added Fiesta sock yarn, in Rhubarb colorway, it blended in pretty well. The pink one I added Noro silk, don’t know the colorway, it really blended in well.

Ooh! And and FO, a fun and such pretty one!

It’s Mary-Heather’s pattern, Simple Things, knit with Scout’s Swag sock yarn in, ???, gosh!, brainfart! Ok, let me think, it is “Tidal Pool”, I think, it’s just beautiful. This was made for my spoilee in the Twilight Edward vs. Jacob Eclipse swap, Vberry. These are her favorite colors, some of them at least, and I swear, it reminds me of the ocean. It’s knit with the full skein of Scout’s wonderful yarn, I had been loving this yarn for so long, one that I had got in Scout’s Swag Sock Club from I think it was 2009 or 2008, not too sure on the date. I was so happy to send this gem on.

A Simple Thing

A Simple Thing

But wait, you think my present is nice, Vberry returned the favor twice over. This was her gift to me, an Ulmus! Just look at these colors! I absolutely fell in love with it and cant’ wait until the weather gets a little more chilly so I can strut this gorgeous thing.

Twilight Saga Swap Edward vs Jackob package from Vberry

Twilight Saga Swap Edward vs Jackob package from Vberry

Isn’t it beautiful! So no more “bad blogger”, I’m in full blog mode now, so I’ll catch you Wednesday!

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