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It's Friday, Friday, Finally!

This week for whatever reasons has seemed to be one L  -  O  -  N  -  G drawn out week.  Not alot of knitting progress made this week, sadly, just a whirlwind of life's little presents.

Although, there have a been a few highlights to look forward too, received some new squishy lovelies to play with.

Yarn from Knitting Ranch

The two green skeins, from corner left are Shibui yarn in Staccato, and Silk Cloud.  These lovely skeins are were destined to be a pair of fingerless gloves; sample knit for the Knitting Ranch

Jane fingerless gloves

Pattern: Jane Kristin Spurkland
Yarn: Shibui Staccato & Silk Cloud
Started: 2/2/12
Finished: 2/2/12
Mods: None

I offered to knit these for Suzi, who also hosts a wonderful virutal kal!  Yes! That means I get to sit and knit from home and connect virtually with my other knitterly friends.   I part taked in my first session last Saturday morning.  The current virtual kal is for the Lacy Prairie shawl, for which the two other purple skeins in the picture above are destined for.  The skeins are A Verb for Keeping Warm in Hyacynth.   I'll share my progress on the shawl once I get to take some pictures.  A special thank you to my dearest friend Marisol for sharing this virtual kal.

For now I'll leave you with a very soon to be FO of the SusannaIC Mystery Shawl.  Almost done with this shawl, one clue left for this weekend.

SusannaIC Mystery KAL Clue 5


My how time flies!

Yes time flies when you have too much to do, doesn’t it? It's been over a week since my last post, I'm so sorry! What have I been up to?

Well I've been working on a secret personal project, that for now I can't share, but maybe someday soon, I'm aiming for later this year. It isn't related to knitting, but I can't say that knitting won't be a part of it. It's a different passion of mines that I've always aspired too, and hopefully I'll make it happen. It's the right time in my life for me right now to do this, so wish me luck 8) I would shed more light on "what it is" but for now, I need to keep it under wraps.

The project I've been working on requires a lot of research, a lot of soul-searching and a lot of time to think. I've slowly started trying to balance my other passions, like knitting, which I love, and need to focus on balancing it more. On top of this, there's the normal work grind and raising my kids, although their both completely self sufficient, they require more "mental" support from me and my husband. When your kids get to the teenage years, the game changes, and a lot of questions are asked about decisions for their future, about life in general.

It's too easy when their big to forget about them in the sense that you don't have to "babysit" them, as it once was required. You know when their babies, toddlers, little kids, they can get into anything, and it involves a lot of "physical" stamina to keep them safe. There's also planning the college layout for my daughter, which has actually turned out better than planned, because my daughter put the effort forward and was promoted to a TA for her class. Lastly, there's my son who begged to go to a completely different High School than my daughter, it was first a deliberate "NO" from me, but eventually I reached a compromise with him and I think it was probably the best decision I've made thus far for him. It means a lot of commitment on his part, like being responsible for his own transportation, keeping his grades in the A range, and also getting involved in sports. He is now on the wrestling team, it was a major surprise to us, but he did it and now is learning the brains of wrestling. Ok, so are you sick of my life now? LOL!

Onto the more fun stuff and exactly what this blog post needs!

Granted this is a late share, but hey, better late than never!

My Stitches Loot, yes it's small, I was practicing restraint the whole time, and now that I see what I bought, I'm amazed at how little it is!

Stitches 2009 Goodies

From Plymouth Yarns, Baby Alpaca, in a black tweedish colorway, so soft! Suri lace, now this, it is the green ball you see there, this fiber is the softest I've felt ever, and that little ball has over 400 yards! There's also some naturally dyed fiber from "A Verb for Knitting" in black. I love this so much, I just had to buy some when I saw it and I have to say again, WonderMike is the nicest! He was working the booth when Marisol and I visited. Another friend, Leslie a.k.a. Tapmouse, was working the BMF booth and she aptly pointed out the LSS goodie in my hand in the Muddy Bottom Breakdown colorway as being a "Rocky" color, and she is so right! I love it, the beige is just too gorgeous, I just don't know what to make with it! Lastly I purchased the cutest bull magnet, cause I love magnets! And that's it for the loot, not a lot, but definitely pleasing.

Now, I have some knitting time scheduled, that's my plan, to block out specific times to knit otherwise I'll get lost in my private project if I don't.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!