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For the love of knitting

As the title of this post indicates, I'm still passionate about knitting just as much as when I first learned to knit several years ago.   Even with my busy schedule, I've now finally learned to manage my knitting time, and get completed FO's.  One recent FO in particular I'd like to share, is a test knit I completed for Kirsten Kapur, designer of Through The Loops patterns.  I'm am a huge fan and follower of Kirsten's because she always designs very beautiful patterns and out of all the designers I've knit from, her patterns are always clear, concise, and very well structured.

Here is Montrachet, knit with yarn from my stash, which I'm happy to say is shrinking, as I've been really good about using my stash lately!  I have a number projects in the works this year, so please do stop by and check in to see what those are as I'll be posting them to my blog.  I know the blogging universe isn't as visible present day with all the Facebook and Instagram feeds, but I'll be using my personal site as the primary release of things to come.  Happy New Year everyone!  Thank you to those that visit my blog, and please do drop a comment if you can, I'd love to hear from you!


Pattern: Montrachet
Yarn: Hazel Knits Artisan Sock Yarn in Nickel, Wool Candy Meringue Merino Sock in Lucy.

Started: 11/21/14
Finished: 12/11/14

Dimensions: Approx. 12-13 inches deep x 65' wide

Notes: None


National Blog Month 

I decided to take part in the National Blog Posting Month so there will be alot of posts from me this month, if I'm able to stick with it.

 NaBloPoMo 2011

Today's share is a finished Cerasifera shawl, not the best picture to be sharing but it'll have to do for now.  Maybe I can get a quick photo shoot done this weekend.

Through the Loops SSK - Cerifsera

Here's a cool blocking photo, for some reason I just love blocking photos?  Do you?  It's nice to see how each person blocks their FOs, it's really a science to block a finished item.

Through the Loops SSK - Cerifsera

This shawl was particularly fussy to block, the rounded edge was a bit tricky to block out the shawl to measurements.  I'm always happy when shawls block to the designers measurements.

Since I'll be blogging frequently, I'll choose to limit my posts, don't want to waste your time.  I'm sure many of you would like to check in quickly and then get on with your day 8)

Until next post, which is very soon 8)


Off and On

Off the needles, Vita Cardi,  ready to be blocked

Vita Cardi Vita Cardi

I don't think I'll knit a belt as the pattern calls for.  I still may add some afterthought pockets, and even maybe even some buttons, but for now it's done.  At least to a point. 

On the needles, Rock Island Shawl, using Kaaland Classic Two lace in Bushfire colorway.  

Rock Island Shawl in Kaalund yarn Classic Two "Bushfire" Rock Island Shawl in Kaalund yarn Classic Two "Bushfire"

That's 71 repeats of a 8 row chart, felt like it was never going to end! Oh and the yarn is luscious, even better it was a gift from Marisol as part of the Knitter's Treasure swap.  So glad I've finally got to use it. 

Another one soon to be on the needles, Cerasifera shawl, as part of the Through The Loops Summer Shawl Kal.  Anyone can join the kal, only required to knit a shawl from the Through The Loops patterns by Kirsten.  Turn in FO pics by 9/23/11 to show completion and then prizes are given for various efforts 8).   Join on Ravelry in the TTL group.


Got plans for this coming weekend, looking forward to it, 3 day weekend 8) Enjoy!


Mittens and Magical Things

I've been quite busy working and trying to get other projects done. As I've said prior, I've had a secret project that I've been working on, or rather really a number of private ones. Each one has progress, but none yet ready to really share. To elaborate a little, I've been writing, and am working towards a complete manuscript, hopefully one day I'll have something in published form. I've also been putting together a business plan for my Etsy site, which I plan to have ready by summer time. I'm pretty excited about the Etsy endeavor, I'm really going to start it up. I'm also working on more patterns of my own design. The designing for me takes time, first because I have to form the image of what I want to make and then because everything else gets in the way, and of course, knitting as well. Oh, and I have did some test knitting, which I do enjoy, for some of my favorite designers. One I can share, are the Clepsydra mittens from Through The Loops Kirsten Kapur.

These are so pretty, and I really enjoyed knitting them.

Twisted Mittens from TTL with Eastport Yarn

Twisted Mittens from TTL with Eastport Yarn

Twisted Mittens from TTL with Eastport Yarn

Twisted Mittens from TTL with Eastport Yarn

I can't wait to wear these out to a Reno adventure!

And I had made these for Svendel in the Twilight Breaking Dawn swap last year, and loved them. So I made me a pair, just cause I couldn't get them off my mind and it counted as Divination homework for the HP Knitting and Crochet House Cup group on Raverly. They are "Bella's Fingerless Gloves".

Twilight Mittens

Twilight Mittens

Twilight Mittens

Oooh, and the magical things I've been making, pretty much all Harry Potter themed...here's a tidbit to share. This was homework for the Hogwarts A Little Bit of Everything on Ravelry, the History of Magic Gryffindor Reducio Scarf bookmark.

Gryffindor scarf HPKC

Gryffindor scarf HPKC

I love making all things magical!